Saturday, July 11, 2015

It's Big Crafty Time!

I don't get out to do shows much anymore. I love getting to chat leisurely with folks about my work and watch them find pieces they love - not something I get to do when I'm not in the gallery. It's fun, but it's exhausting, and happily my own gallery keeps me busy filling inventory, plus I have an eclectic mix of clients that grace me with many opportunities to design and make new work. 

That being said, The Big Crafty is a really, really fun show. Plus, it's here in my town, and a lot of other artist friends who I don't get to see much are likely to be in the show or attending the show, so it's a win all around. I get to see friends, plus spend the day chatting with folks about my work. 

Conversation Plate by Holly de Saillan
This year will be a bit different in two ways: my usual cohort and table partner, Holly deSaillan (clay & mosaics by Holly de Saillan), will be at The Big Crafty, but she's filling her own entire space this year, and I can't WAIT to see her new work! I'm still happy filling half a space, so I was thrilled when Angelique Tassistro (Fly Coop Studios) agreed to apply with me and share the space. And even better, we're right next to Holly!

Olive Dishes by Angelique Tassitro 
The other difference this year is that I'm taking the opportunity to try some new designs out on my work that I bring to the show. To keep myself from going too crazy, I limited myself to drinking vessels - in fact that's all I'll have at this show: mugs, tea bowls, tumblers and cups. I'll have a few of my current designs, but I'll also have a larger grouping of sgraffito and relief-carved pieces in new designs. Some will enjoy their fun at The Big Crafty and happily retire, but some will find their way into other facets of my work.

New work, new glaze, new firing fun!

I hope you'll come by and check it out - you'll only find it at The Big Crafty, or you'll have to wait and see if/how it shows up again!

The Big Crafty is on Sunday, July 12 from 12-6pm in downtown Asheville at the Asheville Art Museum. Vendors will be outside and inside, and you'll find me and Angelique inside, on the lower level, at space #48.

Friday, June 26, 2015

200 Mug Challenge!!

We're making 200 mugs to celebrate the first firings of the Kazegama Kiln, and if we can get 200 donations at the mug level on our Kickstarter, we'll pretty much be able to build this kiln!

And, 200 mugs will find happy homes - if you'd like to be one of them, please check out our Kickstarter. The firings will be in early Fall, so this is a great way to make some early holiday purchases that will be very special and treasured gifts!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Kazegama Kickstarter

We're in our fourth year at The Village Potters, and each year, our galleries, working studios and Teaching Center have continued to grow. Our galleries now include three showrooms, and our working studios hold the full time studios of six Resident potters and two studio assistants. Our student body is up to about 35, with many of the students are looking for ways to continue to study with us as they expand their skills and even prepare for a professional career themselves. 

To that end, we're growing to meet the needs of more visitors, new accounts and new students. We'll be expanding into another 2000 sq ft at the end of the year, and we're in the process of launching a new Independent Study & Mentoring Program. This invitational program will allow 1-2 year study for students wishing to sharpen their skills for their own pleasure or to develop a portfolio for professional use. Regular mini-workshops, mentorship, critiques and even exhibit opportunities will be available for participants. If you happen to be an interested artist, you can get more information by emailing 'info' at '' and asking for an Application to the IS/M Program.

And that's not all! We're also expanding our fire power by making plans to build a 'wood-influenced' Kazegama Kiln. This small kiln will allow us to fire in reduction with gas, and then add wood ash and even soda ash into the environment to create wood-fire effects while allowing us to fire within city codes. By building the kiln on a trailer, we also have the ability to protect it from any rising tides, as we're in the flood plain, and we will also be able to travel with the kiln to conduct workshops at other locations. 

The Kazegama Kiln

Because we have been so fortunate to have so much support from our community of friends, family and collectors, we are asking for help in building this segment of The Village Potters. We have established a Kickstarter Campaign for the Kazegama kiln, and with your support, we will be able to have our first community firings by the end of the summer, and have it fully functioning for the first class of participants in the Independent Study and Mentorship Program! 

And your donation will garner you any number of lovely rewards from each of The Village Potters. Some are available in the classic glazes you already know and love, and some are planned for the new kiln. And each and every donation comes with our deep and sincere appreciation. "It Takes a Village" is a fond refrain often heard around the studio, and we've done so much with our Village, we thank you for what has been and we thank you for what is to come!

Check out our Kickstarter Campaign, and Thank You!